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FREE 3 Day Virtual Event - October 16th to 18th

Empowering women to navigate the biggest shifts that come with motherhood to confidently embrace each moment, cultivate deeper connections, and flourish in their unique parenting journey.

Becoming a mother is a journey unlike any other filled with joy love and a profound sense of purpose. 

Along with the joyous laughter and heart-melting smiles lie hidden challenges that many mothers experience (but seldom discuss.)
Are you struggling with...

Feelings of isolation?

Without addressing the loss of identity mothers often feel isolated and disconnected from their previous selves.

Feelings of Overwhelm?

Unmanaged emotions can lead to overwhelm affecting both your well-being and your relationship with your child.

Feelings of Burnout?

Poor Logistics and planning can result in constant stress and burnout depriving you of the joys of motherhood.

Then it's time to unlock the magic of motherhood like...

Reconnecting with your true self and embracing a new fulfilling identity.

Developing emotional intelligence to enjoy a harmonious relationship with your family.

Master the logistics of motherhood ensuring a balanced and rewarding life.

Join us for our Annual

Motherhood Revolutionized Summit

Your Free Ticket Includes: 

3-Day Virtual Event

18 Expert Speakers

Guide Books For Each Presentation

PLUS Hundreds Of Dollars Worth Of Giveaways!

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This isn't just another Summit, this is a journey to rediscover, redefine, and rejoice in the woman you are.

 Find your tribe of fellow mothers and feel that empowering energy of unity empathy and inspiration.

 It's time to unveil the best version of yourself as a


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VIP Sponsored Speakers

Samantha Costello

Practical Wellness For The Modern Mom

Dr. Gila

Keeping Your Cool And Raising Kids Who Do Too (Self-Regulation for Parents)

Jocelyn Harvey

How To Empower And Express Your True Self - Feeling Free To Be You

Ella Heink

Empowered Motherhood: Breaking Generational Trauma For Present And Joyful Parenting

Stephanie Ford

What Are Your Kid's Actions Trying To Tell You And What Do They Mean?

Khyati Desai Seltzer

The Most Underutilized Tool By Mothers In America

Vanessa Thiel

How To Start Hands-On Learning At Home

Carol Segal

Are You Ready For Toilet Training Your Child?

Guest Expert Speakers
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